Local dental clinic hits new milestone | Premier Dental & Orthodontic Centre
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Local dental clinic hits new milestone

Local dental clinic hits new milestone

Rokiah Mahmud

Within two-and-a-half years of operation, the Premier Dental and Orthodontic Centre has added a new milestone, having recently been awarded with an exclusive full status dental accreditation from the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) – an accredited body of an ISQUA – International Society of Quality in Health Care.

In an interview with the Bulletin, Dr Sumaya Rao, a member of the Board of Directors of Premier Dental and Orthodontic Centre and a general dental surgeon said that the clinic was audited in several areas including the access to care, facilities and equipment, human resources, practice, safety, ethics, clinical governance and quality improvement activities.

Being the first dental private clinic to receive this prestigious award and recognition, it is hoped to serve as an example to other local private clinics to obtain the accreditation that will surely provide confidence among the community to get the best healthcare.

Dr Sumaya added that even before they started planning and setting up the dental clinic, including its designs, they started the efforts to obtain the accreditation.

“It was not easy as it required a lot of planning and work and everything must be evidence-based,” she said.

ABOVE & BELOW: Dr Sumaya Rao during the interview; and members of the Board of Directors of Premier Dental and Orthodontic Centre in a group photo. PHOTOS: ROKIAH MAHMUD

“A lot of things needed to be handled including providing paperwork showing compliant with all the aspects.”

“With all the hard work, contribution and commitment by our team members, we are happy that the clinic scored 96 percent compliance. That evidently is one of the highest score that MSQH has given to healthcare.”

“We want to keep up our standards and improve as this is a four-year accreditation, we want to be consistent and we strive to achieve it.”

“People who come to us can be sure that we are on par with other internationally recognized health institutions.

“So we have to maintain the standards and they know that everything is in place; our sterilisation, materials that we use, patient care – those are things that we take care of,” she added. “Even the way we interact on our social media and the speed reacting to enquiries is looked into.”

The clinic’s layout was designed to meet the highest standard of infection control and radiation safety measures and is in full compliance with all regulatory and safety protocols.

The journey of accreditation has enabled the centre to comply with existing regulations and statutory requirements in Brunei Darussalam. It also enables them to offer excellent dental care, strengthening the community trust and confidence.

The clinic boasts modern state-of-the-art of equipment, and offers high standards, providing a full range of general dental care with speciality in orthodontic services in a relaxed setting.

Premier Dental and Orthodontic Centre has two dentists: Dr Sumaya is a general surgeon providing dental services such as dental extractions, restorations, root canal, dentures, whitening and others, while Dr Balkudru Viswanatha Kedilaya is an orthodontic dentist providing services such as braces treatment for kids and adults and many more.

The clinic also offers dental services such as free dental consultation, orthodontics, scaling and polishing, fillings, gum treatment, oral surgery, childrens dentistry and acrylic dentures and more.

Being a private and new dental care clinic in the country, Dr Sumaya is positive that there is always a place for it.

“There are a few private dental clinics that have many patients. It is up to the patient to choose their dental care provider. Here we can attend immediately to our patients requests and provide treatment,” said Dr Sumaya.

“The queue list is also shorter and we can assist our patients immediately without the worry of long waiting times.”

“It is good to have other dental care options for patients such as pain relief or treating accidents like a broken tooth”.

Dr Sumaya said the clinic has appointment-based options where patients call first to set their date for treatments, and that they also receive walk-in patients, as well as reply to many queries via their social media platform.

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