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Functional Appliances

There are a variety of appliances used by orthodontists to realign teeth and fix bite issues, and here at Premier Dental and Orthodontic center, we will find the right solution for you. Depending on the condition of your teeth, we offer braces that deserve a specific purpose, and one option is functional appliances. They are a version of braces that resolve bite problems, which are referred to as Class II. In this instance, a patient’s row of top teeth bite in front of their lower set. Our Orthodontist at Premier Dental and Orthodontic can correct this issue with the use of functional appliances.

How Do Functional Appliances Work?


When enlisting the expertise of our orthodontist, we may recommend using functional appliances. When fitted with these braces, the separate upper and lower plastic plates join together to push the lower jaw into a more advanced position. This is designed to solve bite problems, and in some cases, functional appliances are made up of just one piece; however, this version is not always as adaptable.

If you require functional braces, your teeth are likely to be tipped, with the lower set moving forwards and the top teeth moving backwards. It is worth bearing in mind that the alterations to your lower jaw should not affect its position long term.


How Long Does the Treatment Take?


The length of time that a patient needs to wear braces can differ depending on the severity of the problem. With regards to functional appliances, the treatment generally comes to an end between nine and 12 months. Each individual case is different, but more often than not, after this period, patients are advised to wear the braces at night.

Moreover, our Orthodontist at Premier Dental and Orthodontic center may suggest a second course of treatment with a train track brace. We will assess the situation and make the right call to ensure that we achieve the desired results.


Are There Any Alternatives?

As mentioned, there are a range of options that our orthodontist at Premier Dental and Orthodontic center can offer if functional appliances are not best suited for you. These include:

  • Fixed Braces
  • Removable Braces
  • Headgear

Keep in mind, though, that if you have been advised to choose functional appliances, then trust in our Orthodontist. They will take detailed measures to decide which braces have the best chance of solving your teeth problems.


Why Choose Premier Dental and Orthodontic center?


It is imperative that you select an orthodontist that tailors treatment to your specific requirements, and that is exactly what you will get at Premier Dental and Orthodontic center. We are well aware that every patient has a different result that they want to achieve. Our Orthodontist vow to put you on the correct course of treatment depending on the severity of the issue.

Our orthodontist is highly qualified and trained to provide top-quality treatment. Not only will we work to fix the issue, but we will also help get your confidence back. Once the course of treatment comes to an end, the appearance of your teeth should have improved significantly. Plus, they will be in a much better condition from when you walked through our door.

When you visit us here at Premier Dental and Orthodontic center, we will have a friendly chat about your orthodontic needs and what your biggest concerns are. We will then carry out an examination of your teeth, which will include taking photographs and carrying out x-rays. A mold of your teeth will then be created before putting together an individualized treatment plan.

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